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Soakmont Group LLC is a financial technology company focused on crowdfunding high end private equity assets and utilizing the transparency and efficiency of blockchain across a range of industries and products. We bring high quality start-ups and fully operational businesses to our community of investors and the public.

Soakmont Group LLC main considerations for crowdfunding targets will be a variety of private equity investments such as real estate, high growth businesses; and alternative investments such as collectibles, fine art, etc. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is created for each offering, which may house one asset, or a portfolio of assets within it. Each deal will specify the terms and opportunity, typically equity.

The SPV’s are structured entities created with securities attorneys such that capital gains and any passthrough income flows directly to investors.

Our investment philosophy for choosing our assets is simple, straight forward, and consistent. The management team led by successful entrepreneur Yann Beaudoin and Registered Investment Advisor Michael Johnson performs extensive due diligence on each asset. We care about finding and removing any unnecessary risk for ourselves and the investors.

We look for a quality management team that is already in place or will be, and that has a track record we can look back on to validate.

From management teams we look for Energy, Intelligence, and Integrity.

The assets themselves already need to be high caliber if they are a collectible or operating business.

Valuation is a craft and not an exact science. No single quantitative method of performing a valuation is perfect and paints the whole picture. We use a variety of metrics and tools such as Discounted Cash flow model, Net Present Value (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Primarily we care about the cash flows and the stability of them, the growth trajectory, and what proper reinvestment can do to continue growth.

Ideally we want undervalued businesses but we can also be content with fair market values if the cash flows are stable and we can prove growth potential. Our team invests in all offerings along with the investors.

Additionally, Soakmont Group provides ongoing guidance and management support for all necessary activities after each acquisition.