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March 10th, 2023
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March 10th, 2024
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September 4th, 2023

Le Grand Bleu has been in operation for more than 20 years. The resort has been owned by a married couple since its inception. Both owners wish to retire and move back to France.  They hope to sell the resort to good owners that will take care of the resort and the natural habitat surrounding it.

The resort currently has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor and was recently voted top “travelers choice”.

Please review Le Grand Bleu’s website and all amenities, activities, restaurant, accommodations, and brochure here:

View over 1,500 photo’s of Le Grand Bleu on Trip Advisor. (click to view)

Soakmont Group LLC signed a purchase agreement with Jacque and Celine Duguy (owners) of Le Grand Bleu on March 1, 2023. To acquire all the assets and operational business; for €1.35 million.

With planned renovations and upgrades, the crowdfund target is $2.4m. Planning and building permits are currently acquired.  

Italian construction company Romana Service has performed the site evaluation with WildWorld quoted the renovations at approx. €400,000. This contains a total refreshment of all buildings onsite plus the construction of a new ultra-premium 8 lodging building that can be viewed in depth below.

3D Render Property Video

Full 3D Render Images w/Interiors

Detailed plans for use of funds can be viewed below in the business proposal.

The resort generated:

$371,047 in 2018

$411,245 in 2019

During the covid-19 pandemic the owners closed the resort and reopened roughly eight months ago.

The last seven months the resort has generated $237,000. The due diligence of the resort has lead Soakmont’s team to a projected revenue approximated at $404,000 for the 12 months after reopening.

Current owners are able to achieve this performance without any marketing or advertising campaigns.

Current occupancy rate is 76%

Nosy Be is already known as the most high-end and best tourism location in Madagascar. Nosy Be recently had the new Fascene International airport built. Fascene International has become the busiest airport in the country due to the tourism demand. Madagascar and Nosy Be in particular are already a popular destination for the cruise line industry. The area has one of the most pristine coral reefs in the world.  The reefs along with favorable weather, white sand beaches and other amenities support Soakmont’s valuations and builds a strong case for investment through their crowdfunding offer.

Soakmont Group and Wild World believe the resort could perform far greater in the near future with the proper renovations, management restructuring, and a new marketing campaign. 

Within this business proposal presentation below potential investors can find information on:

  • The Team

  • Planned Use of Funds

  • The Operating Business

  • The Plans for Renovation

  • Technical Specs of Le Grand Bleu

  • Nosy-Be Rental Data

  • Planned Resort Amenities

  • Investment Summary

  • Financial Projections

  • Proposed Common stock structure

  • Campaign Perks

  • How to Pledge


*Any unused funds after the acquisition and renovations will be redistributed to the shareholders through the quarterly dividend.

*Financials will be audited yearly in the USA for shareholders to review.

View over 1,500 photo’s of Le Grand Bleu on Trip Advisor. (click to view)

For any more information or questions feel free to reach out.


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